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About Kiara McBain

Kiara’s classes are known for their alignment principles, hands-on adjustments, encouraging guidance and fun playlists. In each class, Kiara will challenge your edge, offering modifications and variations that are right for each practitioner. Her classes vary in intensity, but are generally accessible to all with the strong use of props and modifications made available. Kiara's classes always include Thai-style-hands-on adjustments and aromatherapy to compliment the class focus.

Teaching yoga since 2011, Kiara has taught classes in the yoga studio and at gyms, resorts, corporate offices, juvenile centers and country clubs. She has taught to at-risk youth, celebrities, varying kinds of athletes, individual’s suffering with physical and psychological illness and to advanced and beginning yogis. Recognized by lululemon athletica as an exceptional yoga instructor, Kiara has been a lulu ambassador since March of 2016.

With 4+ public classes a week across the Monterey Peninsula, you can regularly find Ki Yoga classes on the schedule at Om Studios in Monterey & Carmel and at Breathe + Oneness in Capitola.


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Weekly Classes

5p Breath + Oneness, Capitola

12:15p Om Studios, Carmel
5:30p Om Studios, Monterey

5:30p Om Studios, Monterey


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Kiara is gifted with strength and intuition and is an incredible leader. She has a deep understanding of all aspects of yoga; her classes incorporate a vast knowledge of anatomy, history, and energy. When Kiara is leading a class, workshop, or training, you sense quickly that you are in very capable hands and you will leave more open, stronger, wiser, and a little closer to unlocking the secrets of the universe.
— Elizabeth